Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, if you have made it this far...then I am pleased! I recently bought myself a digital SLR and have been having a blast playing with it. I've been posting the pictures all over Facebook, but thought that instead of continuously plastering my photos all over Facebook, that I could streamline them into a blog.
Some of you may wonder a bit about my photography history, well here ya go. I've always (since I was very little) had a fascination with cameras, photography & art. I got my first 35mm when I was too little to truly be trusted with one and managed to take a lot of pictures of nothing. I think the first picture I ever took was of my dad's forehead and the wall behind him. I'll try and dig it out of one of my boxes to show you all later.
In high school I took two photography classes, which I loved!!! It was so great to see a photograph from start to finish...from conception to final product. It gave me an even deeper appreciation for the art of photography.
Just a couple years before my dad died, he bought me a Pentax 35mm SLR for Christmas. I CHERISHED this camera. For the first time I was able to capture things the way I never could. This just fueled the fire and my passion increased.
After my dad died, I began to lose my passion for photography along with my passion for other things. When I finally got my passion for life back, I decided to go into nursing and that took the forefront in my life for 3 years. Although I did get myself a digital camera, I never got back into photography quite the same way...until now!
Although, nursing is my career and my life passion...I've been an avid scrapbooker for several years and now I'm hoping to truly take up photography as a full on hobby!
And...I'd like to share the world from my perspective with you all.

**I'd like to make a little shout out (should they happen to read this) to the photographers that shot my wedding! I hired Jessica from JM Photography knowing that she would be able to give me the kind of shots that I would cherish forever. With my background/love for photography and was the most important element of my wedding day (aside from marrying the man I love, of course). Jessica more than delivered. She made my photography dreams come true!
Also, Laura Ivanova. She was the second shooter that assisted Jessica on my wedding day. She was a blessing to have! When I signed my contract with Jessica stating that I'd have an assistant photographer, I would never have dreamed to have somebody as amazing as Laura.
Having these two with us on our wedding day ensured that all the priceless moments were captured. I could never thank them enough.
They also helped to re-kindle my love for this art form and fueled the fire of my passion for photography once again.
So, here's a little taste of what they did for me. I'm so glad I found you Jessica!

p.s. - The quality of this slide show is definitely FAR below the quality of the actual photos